26 August 2013

St. Mary Island

St Mary Island Journal is here.

Mintak ampun banyak-banyak lah kalau silau mata memandang. 
Hamba hanya level rookie aje. Tak pandai lagi nak amek gambar hebat.

Disebabkan saya berjalan dengan family orang, maka banyaklah gambar tak dapat di upload yep. Maklumlah anak orang mane boleh tayang kat public ye dak? Kalau tempe takpelagi....Hehehe

So, tak tau lah dah improve ke tak...lain kali nak kena beli filter polarizer kalau pegi tempat yang banyak cahaya matahari. Contohnya nak pegi beach or snowy mountains...Tak tau ler, bila nak jejak gunung bersalji dan golek-golek ala-ala Kajol dan SRk sambil bukak lagu Bollywood....Mungkin dengan hubby??? Ahaahah..berangannnnn!!!!

 Melalut lak...

For people coming to Mangalore or Karnataka.. I welcome you to this beautiful island. Do go and take a lot of spf cream okeyh!!! You'll burn like ikan sardin!!! 

At the bay. Before arriving the port to go to St. Mary Island !!!

There women wore such a traditional work dress to pick up loads of stones! I dont think i will be comfy enough to work in baju kurung or kain batik!!! Kalau pakai dah macam pendekar la pulak!

Man and women work side by side together here.These uncle's were tying knots of their fishing nets...  I knot out of hundreds..o maybe thousands? 

I saw these women working as manual labourers. Pilling heavy granite rocks on their shoulders. I was lucky enough to met their eyes and capture the moment. 

That day we came too early. Th boat only departs when there is minimum of 15-20 passangers to go to the island. If not, just wait and pray more people to come  or else prepare  lots of snacks to carry around because there isn't much place to sit or lounge in.

The boat have many trips. Each stays for 30 minutes or so. Or maybe you catch up later on next trip. Make sure you bring along extra pants !!! they'll drop you a bit far from the shore. 

The side of island facing the sea.

Not my parents... Thanks to my ex-housemate parents for playing with the crows and let me take the pictures!!! Hehe, sebenarnya anak depa semua dah lari main air laut, tinggal mak apak dia ngan kita.. Takpelah,, layannnnnn...

One of my favourite thing to collect in the world. The sea-grounded-glass. Mase kecik ingat batu lutsinar... One of my ibu's favourite routine when we went to the beach ...

I present you the clean and clear sea water with no pollution whatsoever...

Has lots of private places to bath in groups.

I wonder how the heck those people get on there? I want to!!!

erm,, too much alteration i guess? What to do.... it has so much glare..Next time yar...

p/s: This island i really clean and not so crammed. but, it lacks facilities such as closed bathrooms or changing rooms. Cant get clean fresh water here rite? Not much rubbish, lots of places to cam-whore. Got lots of canopy to sit in. So, i recommend everyone to go here...Next time, i'll get lots more pf pics without the glare....

23 August 2013

Passport Trip Making To Chennai

I was a lone ranger. But, i had to be tough. It was my very first time riding alone. But i had to keep my senses sharp. Sleeping like a chicken. And hold my bladder for 16 hours continuously. The trip from Mangalore to Chennai was really long and exhausting for first timers like me three years ago. Now, thanks to India i maybe can withstand a 6 hour trip to Perlis or Kelantan with no sleep. 
Owh yeah, i will fell asleep whenever i went on a trip. Don't bother talking to me in a moving vehicle.

She was train jumping and leaned on my bed before the police-train master chased her out. I guessed she just keep on going to any place she wants. What a free world.