15 June 2014

Google app for Windows Phones

Testing new app from Windows Store.
Finally, the long awaited Google app has arrived.

The things is, i hate the side bar keep popping up into screen whenever i want to enlarge the view. You see, its hard to view the page in 820nokia lumia since the screen is really small compared to 5inch or 7inch phones or tablet.

One more feature i would love to have os the ability to upload pictures from windows phones blogspot. I have so far only have 30 entries or since i got windows phone because i couldn't post any pictures on the blog. I really hope i can resume my hobby during waiting for anything. While waiting for meals order,coffee,queuing up the counter,between classes,while sitting or standing in 30-40 minutes bus ride to Mangalore city or just because i found some silly/interesting reason or idea to blog. And maybe just to pour my heart out.Haha, tak mungkin sebab says susah nak meluah rasa.