31 December 2015

India Visa Extension Application for Malaysian

Dedicated to people who doesn't have time to renew visa in Malaysia.

If you are a student.

Apply online via http://indianfrro.gov.in/frro/menufrrodoc.jsp. then go to
http://indianfrro.gov.in/frro/menufrro.jsp?t4g=76RP9A8Z. Fill in the required form.

Today , i prepared documents to be send to the FRRO local police station.

Step 1( Documents Checkl List) Each document two copies.
  • Bonafide
  • C Form
  • S Form
  • No Objection Letter
  • Residential Permit (RP)
  • Last 6 month bank statement
  • Latest exam result
  • House Agreement
  • Passport photo
  • Visa Application form
  • 75USD for visa fee

Apply for a bonafide from your respective colleges stating the period of extension recommended by them. and get it signed and sealed from the dean/respective authority.

C form.
Must be filled by your current house rentor/leassor. Go to this link to fill in the form online. http://indianfrro.gov.in/frro/frro/Formc.

S form
Get the your student Id number from the student office. Fill the form.

No Objection Letter
Ask from the student office , should contain all batch mates names in the letter. 

Residential Permit
Make sure it is valid for at least 3 month. ( visa application is about 3 month before visa expiration)

Bank statement
Go to bank and ask for the latest 6 month transactions. Get it signed and sealed. (May print on your own to). 

Exam Result.
Give the latest exam result.

House Aggrement (Non hostelites)
Should be valid until which you apply for visa extension. 

Passport Photo
Blue background for Malaysians. But to upload for online application, photo need to be WHITE background without shadow. Prepare at least 8. 

Visa Application Form
Get in online.

75 USD dollar visa payment 
To be paid to Statebank cashier. Get the form from the FRRO first. 

Step 2 ( online visa application)
Go to the link given above. 

Step 3 ( documents and application visa form presentation at FRRO) 

Step 4. ( wait for the call from local police station for address verification) For rural police station, you will be called to rural police station by one of the officers. Bring two witness.(localities or  your friends). Each witness needs to bring one photo passport and one photo identification( college card/PAN/driver licence,etc). Bring two photo ID for your self, meet the inspector in charge for documents verification and say thank you.

Step 5. (. Wait for the visa to be approved, the officers will call you if it is done.)

If you're anxious from waiting, kindly go to the FRRO yourself. 

Step 6( When visa ready, go FRRO, get the new visa extension paper signed and off you go). The officer will then get your passport stamped with temporary visa. Kindly bring your old passport if you had your old visa in there everywhere you go. Going through immigration check up will be longer than normal people as your new temporary visa extension is not bar coded. The immigration officer will ask few questions and you just have to look calm and composed. You don't want to look anxious, as they looked into your passport with stamped temporary visa. (Seriously, it looked like anyone could've have done the stamping :p)

P/s:  It took me a very long time for visa application. Better apply as early as possible and not wait until the last one month before visa expired. 

p/p/s: (26/8/2015) *** I applied my visa extension on 20/6/2015. And after so long waiting for my visa, i finally got it done. I just have to pay 40Dollars for 2month of extensions.